How to Make a Wine Cork Wreath

I saw this floating around pintrest and couldn’t resist, I had to make one.  The steps seemed long and tedious so I recruited a good friend drinking partner to also make one- this was a crucial step in the process.  This takes a while so we started it at one house and I wound up finishing it a couple of weeks later at mine, don’t it all in one sitting, you’ll be bored out of your mind.  What you will need:

  • Drinking partner
  • Glue gun or craft clue
  • Foam wreath
  • Spray paint
  • Sewing pins, lots, like 500 lots
  • Corks, a few hundred
  • Thimble, lets get serious, unless you sew you don’t own a thimble so use what we have.  We may not sew but we cocktail so we used a bar board.
  • Wire
  • Ribbon

Spray paint your foam wreath, we used “Nutmeg” color, this will allow the base to blend in with the corks so you aren’t left staring at while patches when you’re finished.  Once the wreath is dry it’s time to start pinning.  Take a large pile of corks, insert the tip of the a sewing pin into it, then press it down on your bar board to sink it in a little deeper.  Trust me, your thumbs will thank you for the bar board.  Once you have a decent amount of corks pinned, it’s time to start attaching them to the wreath.

Put enough glue on the end of the cork with the pin in it for it to have some adhering ability.  Insert the pinned cork into the wreath, applying a little pressure to the cork so the glue bonds with the styrofoam as the pin inserts into the foam.  I did the face of the foam first, then worked my way around the outside and did the inside circle last.  I placed a lot of the corks on different angles to make it more interesting looking.

Bonus points for fun corks like this one.

Leave a few inches of the wreath uncorked, wrap wire around this section (I read about using garden or floral wire but had speaker wire so guess what we used).  After you’ve figured out the right length for your wire finish filling the section in with corks.


Once you’ve hung your completed wreath wrap ribbon around the wire to conceal it and make a bow.  At Jo Anne’s I found some plum colored berries marked down to 7 cents a piece (down from $79 cents, this stuff never happens to me) so I placed some around the wreath to dress it up.  I contemplated gluing it but it was so easy to just push them into the foam I decided against gluing, this way I can switch them out if I ever feel like a change.

Maybe I’m bias but I love the way it looks on our eggplant colored front door.  I’m definitely somewhat of an idiot because after hanging it on the door I realized it won’t fit with the storm door.  Whoops.  Well, there is always the mudroom or the farm!


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